Your Black Friday launch is about to put Target to shame.

lead a highly profitable black friday launch.
minus the chaos.

let's crush it this black friday

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Introducing Black Friday Bootcamp

Created by 2 launch experts (no joke, we have launched 100+ times) to not just help you launch, but to teach you how to launch WELL.

During this 9-week live group program, we’ll support you each week through the biggest launch day of the year and teach you how to do it without burning out.

what's included:

live group & slack support icon

live group + slack support

9-weeks of live group trainings and slack support all the way through to Black Friday. No, we aren't giving you a bunch of video trainings and sending you on your way. We’ll be holding your hand each week.
9-week launch schedule icon

9-week launch schedule

our simple launch schedule will keep you on track each week, so you don’t need to do a mad-dash scramble to get everything done the week of Black Friday.
tech trainings icon

tech trainings

simple step-by-step trainings to teach you exactly how to set up your emails, funnel, and offer. No Googling required.
priming and promo schedule icon

priming & promo schedule

our suggested audience priming and promo schedule will keep you on track so you know exactly what to say and when to say it.
accountability icon


launching is hard; launching alone is even harder. As your cheerleaders and coaches, we're only a slack message away. Any random tech or launch problem that pops up—we’ve seen just about everything and know how to help you solve it ASap.
clear vision icon

clear vision

a clear vision for how to build your specific black friday launch so that your offer is valuable, irresistible, and easy to take advantage of.
buyer behavior insights icon

buyer behavior insights

No more cookie cutter approaches that don’t work for you. we'll teach you how to launch using your specific buyer behavior and data.

*And when we say specific, we mean it - everything from the color of the buttons in your emails to the type of discount you offer.
launch strategy icon

launch strategy

a profitable launch strategy
you and your team can repeat over and over again.
kpi's and launch metrics icon

kpi's + launch metrics

most people don't realize how much data you have after a launch that can help make future launches successful. we'll teach you what metrics to look at and how to use them to guide future launches.

Meet your coaches & Black Friday Launch Experts:

Jordyn Bailey profile imageCierra Robbins profile image
Jordyn’s super powers include knowing every platform inside and out and building incredible funnels, courses, and memberships in her sleep… but what makes her so valuable is that Jordyn knows how to prevent all the tech headaches before they ever happen, saving you precious time and energy… bc let’s be honest, you’d rather play in traffic than try to figure out why your email didn’t send correctly.
the master of effortless launches that don’t exhaust or disappoint you. Cierra is committed (more like obsessed) with helping business owners scale faster and serve better without working themselves into the ground. Her list of not-so-hidden talents include: turning your brilliant ideas into a well-oiled (money-making) machine and creating funnels so juicy that your clients are practically DMing you their credit card numbers.

launching is complicated.

especially on Black Friday *aka the biggest buying day of the whole damn year.
Between setting up the tech, creating hours of content, keeping your team on track, and creating an offer that stands out from all the other deals

Launching on Black Friday, as clark griswold puts it, can make you feel like you're at the threshold of hell.

Meanwhile, it seems like everyone else is sitting on a beach selling out their offer with ease, amiright?

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if we told you (that after leading 100+ launches) your Black Friday launch can be simple AND successful...when you have the tools, skills, and a straight-forward process to lead a launch.

If you’re thinking

Then get ready, because your Black Friday launch is about to be magical.

what does launching well look like?

happy CEOs icon

happy ceos

Whether you’re a business owner or a done-for-you service provider supporting others, when you have a fool-proof plan your launch becomes a well-oiled (money making) machine turning your slowest quarter into your most profitable.
happy teams icon

happy teams

Instead of your team scrambling to get everything done at the last minute and putting out fires, they too can spend Thanksgiving enjoying their Turkey coma.
happy profits icon

happy profits

The way people buy on Black Friday is unlike any other time of year. They want to know what you are selling. They want the deals. Understanding how to launch based on this unique buyer behavior will have your Stripe notifications blowing up
testimonial icon

"My Black Friday launch was HUGE. I never realized I could earn so much revenue in a single weekend, let alone actually get my clients the transformations they are having."

not sold yet?

the proof is in the profits.

Last Black Friday:
  1. Our clients saw an average of 20% increase in profits—not to mention 2 of our clients had their highest revenue months to date.
  2. meanwhile, we, along with all of our clients, spent Black Friday eating, shopping, and napping.
  3. In December, instead of stressing about the months ahead, our clients were celebrating and serving their clients.

Oh, and by the way, service providers, As a result of last year’s successful launches, we were able to not only increase our rates, but we saw an influx of referrals and transitioned our clients into long-term retainer packages.

imagine how much different your business would look if...

  1. you had the expert skills to launch with ease.
  2. You had the proven plan and strategy to sell out your offer.
  3. You had the confidence to lead a team, not only for Black Friday, but for all of your future launches!
  4. You had happy customers that couldn’t stop talking about working with you!

What you’ll learn in Black Friday Bootcamp goes well beyond a single launch—

it’s the skills and confidence you’ll need to change the way you do business forever

join black friday bootcamp today for just $2197

Use promo code doorbuster before September 19 for $200 off.

here are just a few "aha moments" you'll experience inside of black friday bootcamp:

you'll learn how to
create a juicy Black Friday offer your audience will be begging to purchase
you'll learn how to
discount and bundle an existing offer - not just slap another promo code on it
you'll learn how to
promote your offer that will have
your Dms full of new clients
you'll learn how to
ensure all of your tech is built out, working correctly, and ready to go 
before your launch
you'll learn how to
set up a flawless funnel using tech and automations
you'll learn how to
use buyer behavior to create high converting email marketing and sales pages

P.S., Service providers, these are the exact skills clients are looking for in their launch experts.

And to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and get your Black Friday offer launched, you’ll also get access to

Asana logo

black friday asana timeline template

The 9-week Black Friday Asana Timeline Template will keep you from wasting time figuring out what needs to get done.
Instagram logo

our DM Sales Script

our dm sales script will help you close your sales over DMs and have your clients saying “take all my money”..
Kartra and Kajabi logos

tech training in kartra and kajabi

Two (2) Hour Tech Training for Kartra + Kajabi, so if you haven’t yet set up your system, we’ll help you get them ready to go.
testimonial icon

"Cierra and Jordyn make launching fun again. Instead of stressing to get everything done last minute, my launches are actually exciting and enjoyable! I’m able to fully focus on the customer, building relationships, and selling!"

listen up.
if launching feels hard, that's because it is.

After generating over $2 million in launch revenue, here's what we know to be true: Launching WELL takes time (months/years, not days/weeks), Planning, And often a team.

If you’re planning your launch in a week and/or doing it all by yourself, that’s okay. We all have to start somewhere.

But, if you are ready to launch like a freaking pro this Black Friday, keep reading.

With enough time and planning, and the right help, launching can be the most exciting part of your business.

join black friday bootcamp today for just $2197

Purchase Before September 19 and save $200!
Get Black Friday Bootcamp for only $1997
Use promo code doorbuster before September 19 for $200 off.
let's crush it this black friday

Purchase before August 23 and get a bonus 2:1 call with Jordyn + Cierra. we’ll help you get clear on exactly what your Black Friday offer will be!

let's crush it this black friday
testimonial icon

"My Black Friday launch was SO amazing- I think I was in shock for a whole 2 months. Not only was it 4x more revenue than my last’s launch, but it was so incredible to have their support!"

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